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"The more you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."  - Dr. Seuss, "I Can Read WIth My Eyes Shut!"



Staff Handbook

Advanced Placement Biology

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Looking forward to next year

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Preparation for the AP Calculus Test.

For all art courses

Botany is the study of plant structure and function. We will be working in the outdoor lab and the indoor lab :) You must love plants and the outdoors to do well in this class

Current health issues. Studying the topics of: Violence, abuse, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, cancer and health related news.

Core 40 class dealing with the Earth as a whole ; including geology, and weather, as well as the Earth as a system within the universe including the Earth moon system and the Earth Sun system. For students who have already had Biology 1.

-10th Grade English-

Poets (Writers) are the unacknowledged legislators and historians of the world.

In this course we will be discussing the relationship between nonfiction and fiction as literature reveals pivotal points in history. 

A collection of resources for students competing on the Language Arts Super Bowl team.



Core 40 science class that deals with the basic principles of chemistry and physics. For those who do not feel that they are ready for Chemistry 1.thoughtful

Mr. Johansen's English classes' main page.

This course is a survey of American Literature that stresses literary and cultural themes. This course includes a number of literary genres. A historical perspective is used. There is a strong emphasis on writing, speaking, and discussion.

Explores quantitative and qualtitative relationships between various measurable natural phenomena.

The British are coming! The British are coming!

English 12 focuses on British literature and honing writing skills in preparation for college. This is a dual-credit course through PNC, replacing English 101 ONLY.  (It is not offered for 102 credit.)

English 9 with Mrs. Sandberg

English 12 with a Vocational Focus: An Ivy Tech Dual Credit course

Dates, Topics, Study materials, rules clarifications

Inforamtion for the upcoming academic compeition season. Colonial and Revolutionary America

Introduction to Biology 1. Covers the basics of life, the chemistry of life and the branch of ecology.

In Biology this year we will be studing cells, genetics, chemistry, evolution, ecology and working in the lab.

Get ready for a great year. 

Resources for use in the creative writing classroom.

Earth and space science. Studying Rocks, minerals ,earthquakes, volcanoes, weather and atmosphere, beyond the Earth and beyond the Solar system.

Mr. Roth and Dr. Gordon will teach this 9 week class that will cover both math and science ideas and concepts.

Forensics is the science of crinimal investigation

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